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Celebratory ceremonies - Baby naming

A naming ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or the joining of a new family. Naming ceremonies can take place within the register office or at any approved premise within the city; ceremonies can be personalised with poems, readings and personalised promises which can be made by parents, grandparents or chosen friends.

Celebratory ceremonies – Renewal of vows

A renewal of vows ceremony is a great way to celebrate your marriage. You can renew your vows at any stage of married life, or as a way to commemorate a special anniversary, such as making it to 5, 10, 25, 50 years or anytime in between. A renewal of vows ceremony is also a great way to celebrate with family and friends after a marriage abroad.

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Celebratory Ceremonies - Fees

Vow Renewal and Naming Ceremony fees at an approved premise:
April 2018 – March 2019
Monday – Friday £250
Saturday £260
Sunday / Public Holiday £285